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The House

OT: Das Haus

Rick Ostermann // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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Germany in the year 2029: a tense thriller portrays a distopia in which AI has taken over our lives. Star journalist Johann Hellström (Tobias Moretti) is banned from writing after a source turns out to be a fake informer. Hellström suspects sabotage by the increasingly authoritarian government. Together with his wife Lucia (Valery Tscheplanowa) he withdraws to their fully digitized weekend retreat. While political conditions in the country continue to destabilize, the smart home takes on a life of its own. When two dissidents seek refuge there, the situation gets out of hand.



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RICK OSTERMANN (*1978) presented his first full-length film Wolfschildren in 2012. In 2018 he was awarded the main prize at the TV & Film Festival Baden-Baden for Fremder Feind.



Das Haus

Fiction Feature


Große Freiheit//FF2021



90 min


Rick Ostermann

Patrick Brunken, Rick Ostermann, nach einer Kurzgeschichte von Dirk Kurbjuweit

Tobias Moretti, Valery Tscheplanowa, Lisa Vicari, Max von der Groeben, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Samir Fuchs, Daniel Krauss

Uwe Kolbe, Björn Vosgerau

Stefan Ciupek, Matthias Bolliger

Dominik Leube

Hans-Christoph Wermke

Stefan Will

K.D. Gruber

Sabine Keller

Nessie Nesslauer

Sabine Holtgreve (NDR), Andreas Schreitmüller & Claudia Tronnier (Arte), Verena Veihl (RBB)

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