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Dark Waters

OT: Dark Waters

Todd Haynes // USA, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2020
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A tense industrial thriller tells the true story of lawyer Rob Bilott, who takes on one of the biggest chemical companies in the world. West Virginia, 1998. Large numbers of cows are dying under mysterious circumstances. The farmers suspect the chemical company DuPont and get in touch with successful industrial lawyer Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) who works for the company. Despite the conflict of interest, Bilott wants to solve the case and does indeed find evidence of a gigantic ecological scandal. Supported by his boss Tom Terp (Tim Robbins) and his wife Sarah (Anne Hathaway) Bilott plunges into a conflict that could cost him his reputation and maybe even his life.


TODD HAYNES (*1961) is an important pioneer of New Queer Cinema in the USA. His films Carol (2015) and Wonderstruck (2017) ran in competition in Cannes. In 2017 he was awarded the Honorary Leopard at the Locarno Festival.



Dark Waters

Fiction Feature





126 min

OV with German subtitles

Todd Haynes

Mario Correa, Matthew Michael Carnahan

Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Anne Hathaway, Bill Camp, Victor Garber, Mare Winningham, Bill Pullman u.v.a.

Mark Ruffalo, Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler

Edward Lachman

Drew Kunin (Production Sound Mixer)

Affonso Gonçalves

Marcelo Zarvos

Hannah Beachler

Christopher Peterson

Tobis Film GmbH


Participant; Willi Hill; Killer Content; Amblin Partners

Uta Peleikis, Tobis Film GmbH: uta.peleikis@tobis.de

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