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The Parisian Bitch, Princess of Hearts

OT: Connasse, Princesse des Coeurs

Eloïse Lang, Noémie Saglio // France, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2015



Please Harry, Marry Me! For Camille, this is not just a heartfelt wish, but deadly serious. The outrageous and witty young woman from Paris wants to get out of the middle class at any price. And what better solution than a well-off hubby who can enable her to lead a life of luxury? For Camille there’s really only one choice: Prince Harry of England. The hunt for a single royal can begin! WIth high heels and a woman’s weapons in her luggage, Camille travels to London to win the prince’s heart. The French comedian Camille Cottin plays the lead role in this turbulent and extremely funny mockumentary which has had more than a million cinema viewers in France.




Connasse, Princesse des Coeurs

Documentary Feature

English, French




82 min

OV with German subtitles

Eloïse Lang, Noémie Saglio

Camille Cottin, Marie-Christine Adam, Stéphane Bern, Antony Hickling, Kad Merad

Cyril Colbeau-Justin, Sidonie Dumas, Eloïse Lang, Noémie Saglio

Prune Brenguier, Thomas Brémond, Antony Diaz, François-Régis Jeanne, Origa Robert, Victor Terreyre Saint-Cast

Sandro Lavezzi

Fred Avril

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