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Club Sandwich

OT: Club Sándwich

Fernando Eimbcke // Mexico, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2014



Paloma, a single mother, is on holiday in a beach hotel with her 15-year old son Hector. The two are best friends, spend almost all their time together and share the most intimate thoughts as they rub sun cream on each other. But when Hector meets a girl his age at the resort, dark clouds gather over the mother-son idyll. The sexual tension between the teenagers is tangible – and Paloma suddenly finds herself in a bizarre competition for her son’s attention. Club Sandwich is both a sensitively told and a screamingly funny coming-of-age story with a finale furioso.


With his debut film Duck Season in 2005, Fernando Eimbcke (*1970) won the Mexican film prize in several categories and was in competition at the Berlinale 2008 with Lake Tahoe. Club Sandwich is his third film.



Club Sándwich

Fiction Feature





82 min

OV with English subtitles

Fernando Eimbcke

Fernando Eimbcke

María Renée Prudencio, Lucio Giménez Cacho, Danae Reynaud Romero, Leonel Tinajero, Carolina Politi, Enrique Arreola

Christian Valdelièvre, Jaime B. Ramos

María Secco

Mariana Rodríguez

Eugenio Caballero

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