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OT: Chi

Jiongjiong Qiu // People's Republic of China, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2015



Zhang Xianchi was born in the 1930s into a family of supporters of the Kuomintang, the nationalist party of China and adversary of the Communist party under Mao Zedong. In his youth, he became a “leftist progressive” and a Communist party supporter. After the founding of the People’s Republic, he was seen as a dissident on the right of the party and a counter-revolutionary, was arrested in 1957 as an enemy of the people and then spent decades of imprisonment in labour camps. The film interweaves interviews conducted with Zhang Xianchi after his release with fictional theatrical restagings of his memories, creating a biography stretching over 30 years and covering the political upheavals of modern China.


Qui Jiongjiong (*1977) began his creative career as a painter before presenting his first feature film Moon Palace in 2006. His subsequent films became a regular feature of both independent film festivals in China and internationally. Chi is his fifth full-length feature.




Documentary Feature


Asia Express//FF2015

People's Republic of China


135 min

OV with English subtitles

Jiongjiong Qiu

Jiongjiong Qiu

Ma Xiao'ou, Cai Yifan, Jimmy Zhang

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Peng Fan

Jiongjiong Qiu, Marie Pierre Duhamel

Diao Lili

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