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Those Who Work

OT: Ceux qui travaillent

Antoine Russbach // Switzerland, Belgium, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018



Suddenly, the most important thing in the world is gone: a man loses his job and faces ruin. An intense drama about finding a new purpose. Frank (Olivier Gourmet) charters cargo ships for big companies and lives for his job. For over 20 years, he has worked his way up the company hierarchy. But then he makes a fatal misjudgment and is fired. Frank is shattered. He feels betrayed by a system to which he has given everything. Without knowing how things will go on, he calls himself and his entire existence into question – and tries to save the only bond that still counts for anything: that with his youngest daughter Mathilde.


ANTOINE RUSSBACH (*1984) was born in Switzerland and studied at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium. Those Who Work is his debut feature film.



Ceux qui travaillent

Fiction Feature

English, French


Switzerland, Belgium


101 min

OV with German subtitles

Antoine Russbach

Antoine Russbach, Emmanuel Marre, Catherine Paille (collab.)

Olivier Gourmet, Adèle Bochatay, Michel Voïta, Delphine Bibet, Pauline Schneider

Elodie Brunner, Elena Tatti, Thierry Spicher, Olivier Dubois

Denis Jutzeler

Sophie Vercruysse

Elisabeth Houtart

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Box Productions, Novak Prod

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