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Carmín Tropical

OT: Carmín Tropical

Rigoberto Pérezcano // Mexico, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2015
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Mabel, a singer, returns to her home town Juchitan in the South of Mexico, where traditionally many transsexuals, known as muxe, live. She’s looking for the murderer of her friend Daniela, a muxe like herself, who was killed by 27 stab wounds in the back. For Mabel, the search becomes a journey into a past full of nostalgia and painful memories. And a trip into a dark world of betrayal and social ostracisation. Carmin Tropical is a poetic transgender drama with the plot of a tense thriller.


At the start of his career, RIGOBERTO PÉREZCANO (*1975) only made documentary films, including the prize-winning XV in Zaachila (2002). Carmin Tropical is his second feature film after Northless (2009).



Carmín Tropical

Fiction Feature





80 min

OV with English subtitles

Rigoberto Pérezcano

Rigoberto Pérezcano

Luis Alberti, Juan Carlos Medellín, José Pescina, Marco Pétriz, Everardo Trejo

Rigoberto Perezcano, Jaime B. Ramos, Christian Valdelièvre, Cristina L. Velasco

Alejandro Cantú

Miguel Schverdfinger

Luca Ortega

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