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Virgin Blue

OT: Bu yao zai jian a, Yu hua tang

Xiaoyu Niu // People's Republic of China, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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A Chinese debut film full of animistic power: a summer of memories brought to life in playful melancholy. After graduating, Yezi spends some time with her grandmother, who is increasingly losing her memory since the death of her husband. In a sort of magical realism, the lights and objects in her flat acquire a life of their own, begin to dance and show family memories. Stories about how Yezi’s parents met, an encounter with a bear and fragments from the life of the grandparents take shape and surround the protagonist. In the face of forgetting, time begins to lose its significance.


NIU XIAOYU studied at the Beijing Film Academy. Here, she did a BA in Animation and an MA in Experimental Film. Virgin Blue was shown at Locarno in the Cineasti del presente competition.

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Bu yao zai jian a, Yu hua tang

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2021

People's Republic of China


100 min

OV with English subtitles

Xiaoyu Niu

Xiaoyu Niu

Zi Ye, Shengzhi Zheng

Zijian Wang, Wenhui Zhu

Xu Deng

Yang Zhang

Shuzhen Hu

Rubey Hu

Yue Yuan

Anqi Chen, Jiacheng Li

Rediance Films

Yu Tang Films (Anhui) Blackfin Production

Jing Xu, Rediance Films: jing@rediancefilms.com


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