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Good Mother

OT: Bonne Mère

Hafsia Herzi // France, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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Hafsia Herzi’s loving film portrait of a mother, a family and a quarter in the North of Marseilles. »As long as I can stand, I can be strong«. Nora is the backbone of her family. At dawn she traipses halfway across the city to get to her cleaning job at the airport. After that she works as a carer. At home it’s the kids that keep her in suspense: the girls work in the escort business fulfilling rich men’s masochistic fantasies. The boys tend towards idleness or are in prison. Nora is tired – yet untiringly holds the family together.



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HAFSIA HERZI (*1987) started out as an actor. She brought her debut film Tu mérites un amour to Hamburg in 2019. Bonne Mère had its premiere in the section Un Certain Regard at Cannes.



Bonne Mère

Fiction Feature





99 min

OV with German subtitles

Hafsia Herzi

Hafsia Herzi

Halima Benhamed, Sabrina Benhamed, Jawed Hannachi Herzi

Saïd Ben Saïd, Michel Merkt

Jérémie Attard

Guilhem Domercq

Camille Toubkis

Rémi Durel

Lila Allouche, Lucas Prevost

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