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OT: Bom, Yeorum, Gaeul, Gyeouol, Geurigo... Bom

Kim Ki-Duk // Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



Following “The Isle” (2000) and “Bad Guy” (2002), Korean director Kim-Ki-Duk’s latest work is set in a remote monastical retreat in the Korean mountains. A young boy is raised by an old monk. When a woman enters their secluded world, the young monk experiences the joy of love, as well as the destructive force of jealousy and passion. Five stories tell the story of the boy’s growth: from a child, to a boy, to a grown monk, then an older and, finally, very old monk. A story of maturing, of illumination through experience, with images of extreme beauty and clarity.



Bom, Yeorum, Gaeul, Gyeouol, Geurigo... Bom

Fiction Feature


Offizielles Programm//FF2003

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


102 min


Kim Ki-Duk

Kim Ki-Duk

Yeong-Su Oh, Jae-Gyeong Seo, Yeong-Min Kim, Kim Ki-Duk

Seung-Jae Lee, Karl Baumgartner

Baek Dong-Hyun

Kim Ki-Duk

Bark Jee-woong

Oh Sang-Man

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