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Neon Bull

OT: Boi Neon

Gabriel Mascaro // Brazil, Uruguay, Netherlands, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Iremar works as a cowboy at the Vaquejada, a traditional form of rodeo, as practised in North-Eastern Brazil: two riders bring down a bull by pulling its tail. It’s dirty, exhausting work, but Iremar is a born vaqueiro. His home is the truck he shares with his colleagues. Meanwhile, the textile industry is booming. Iremar dreams of cutting patterns, sequins and materials, which he assembles in his mind to exotic costumes for dancers. Neon Bull allows a unique and very sensual insight into the rodeo circus and the workings of a modern patchwork family.




Boi Neon

Fiction Feature



Brazil, Uruguay, Netherlands


101 min

OV with English subtitles

Gabriel Mascaro

Gabriel Mascaro

Juliano Cazarré, Alyne Santana, Carlos Pessoa, Maeve Jinkings

Rachel Ellis

Diego Garcia

Fernando Epstein, Eduardo Serrano

Otávio Santos, Cláudio N, Carlos Montenegro

Livia de Melo

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