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To Get to Heaven First You Have to Die

OT: Bihisht faqat baroi murdagon

Djamshed Usmonov // Germany, France, Switzerland, 2006
Fiction Feature // FF2006



Kamal is twenty and comes to the pulsating Tadjikistan capital. Here, he hopes to rid himself of his impotence. He soon meets beautiful Vera who looks as though she could be of help in this department. But Vera is married to the mob and soon, becoming a man takes on a completely different meaning for Kamal. Life is hard, says the director. And that’s why this film rings true.



Bihisht faqat baroi murdagon

Fiction Feature

Russian, Tajik

Agenda 06//FF2006

Germany, France, Switzerland


98 min


Djamshed Usmonov

Djamshed Usmonov

Abdumin Abduller, Dinara Droukarova, Maruf Pulodzoda

Denis Carot, Marie Masmonteil

Pascal Lagriffoul

Jacques Comets

Pierre Aviat

Maivlodod Farosatshoev

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