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Belleville, belle et rebelle

OT: Belleville, belle et rebelle

Daniela Abke // Germany, France, 2021
Documentary Feature // FF2021
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DOCUMENTARY Belleville in the North-East of Paris, a suburb of migration, crafts and revolt. A poetic homage to the quarter, with pictures like a chanson. They meet in »Le Vieux Belleville«: Minelle, the singer, or Robert Bober, the writer, once Truffaut’s assistant director. Basque anarchist Lucio is also a regular at the little restaurant, where time seems to have stood still. This place and the memories of the regulars and their songs which tell of love and struggle are the manifestation of the soul of Belleville, but also of old Paris.


DANIELA ABKE (*1968) studied music and art at the University of Oldenburg and did post-graduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Belleville, belle et rebelle is her first full-length documentary.



Belleville, belle et rebelle

Documentary Feature



Germany, France


98 min

OV with German subtitles

Daniela Abke

Daniela Abke

Joseph Pantaleo, Lucio Urtubia, Minelle Guy, Riton la Manivelle, Robert Bober, S.C. Turner

Daniela Abke

Isabelle Casez

Yolande Decarsin, Alexander Buck

Sebastian Winkels, Daniela Abke

Coccinelle Films

Idéale Audience / Pierre-Olivier Bardet

Daniela Abke, Coccinelle Films: box@coccinelle-films.com


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