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OT: Bayit Bagalil

Asaf Saban // Israel, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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A sensitively drawn Israeli portrait of a couple who build a house together in Galilee and in doing so lose sight of what brought them together. Gili and Yaara decide to leave Tel Aviv and move to the country. In Galilee they want to realize their dream of building their own house. This is where their 7-year old daughter should grow up, along with the second child that Yaara is expecting in a few months. But, while the foundations of the house are quickly laid, those of Gili and Yaara’s relationship start to crumble. Rows about the new house, financial difficulties and a growing uneasiness about their relationship create a rift. Before the house is even finished, it seems as though it may all be in vain.


ASAF SABAN presented his short films Mapping (2007) and On Leave (2009) at numerous international festivals. Outdoors is his debut feature film.



Bayit Bagalil

Fiction Feature





80 min

OV with English subtitles

Asaf Saban

Asaf Saban

Noa Koler, Udi Razzin, Ishai Golan, Irit Gidron, Vered Feldman, Yossi Atia, Leora Rivlin, Gedalia Besser, Ohad Knoller, Shiri Ben Cohen, Joy Rieger, Tsahi Halevi, Zeev Tene, Omer Etzion, Neta Shpigelman

Asaf Saban

David Rudoy

Neta Braun

Asher Goldschmidt, Tomer Yeshayahu

Alon Burnshtein, Ofri Omer, Sivan Tse'elon

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