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OT: Baronesa

Juliana Antunes // Brazil, 2017
Documentary Feature // FF2017
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DOCUMENTARY The favelas on the outskirts of the Brazilian metropolis Belo Horizonte have women’s names. Leidiane and Andreia are friends and live in a part of town called Juliana. The film observes their everyday lives in the ramshackle housing, only few concrete walls away from bloody gang wars – and Andreia’s move to the neighbouring slum of Baronesa. Their conversations reveal a female perspective of a world dominated by men that despite all the harshness possesses a raw beauty. In Baronesa, men are not the leading figures and the film crew also consisted almost entirely of women.


Baronesa is the directorial debut for JULIANA ANTUNES (*1989). Originally planned as a short, the film went on to win three prizes at the 2017 FID in Marseille 2017, including the audience award.



Documentary Feature





75 min

OV with English subtitles

Juliana Antunes

Juliana Antunes

Andreia Pereira de Sousa, Leidiane Ferreira, Felipe Rangel

Juliana Antunes, Marcella Jacques, Laura Godoy

Fernanda de Sena

Affonso Uchoa, Rita M. Pestana

Ventura; Filmes de Plástico; Katásia Filmes; Pepeka Pictures

Juliana Antunes: muitajuliananomundo@gmail.com, Marcella Jacques: venturacine@gmail.com

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