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OT: Banu

Tahmina Rafaella // Azerbaijan, Italy, France, Iran, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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In this Azerbaijani drama, a mother fights for custody of her child in the turmoil of war. 2020: Azerbaijan and Armenia are at war again over Bergkarabach. These are the last days of the bloody conflict and in the midst of the chaos Banu (Tahmina Rafaella) is fighting for the custody of her son. Her influential, well connected husband accuses her of being an incapable mother, but she puts everything into her fight to keep her child. She has just four days to find someone to stand by her and testify on her behalf.


TAHMINA RAFAELLA (*1994 in Azerbaijan) acts, directs and writes screenplays. Her short film A Woman (2020), in which she also acted, won awards at several festivals. Banu is her debut feature.




Fiction Feature



Azerbaijan, Italy, France, Iran


90 min

OV with English subtitles

Tahmina Rafaella

Tahmina Rafaella

Tahmina Rafaella, Melek Abbaszadeh, Zaur Shafiyev, Jafar Hasan, Kabira Hashimli, Emin Asgarov, Zemfira Abdulsamadova, Deniz Tajeddin, Hajar Aghayeva, Kamala Israfilova

Katayoon Shahabi

Touraj Aslani

Morteza Najafloo

Mastaneh Mohajer

Selected Music

Sebuhi Atababayev

Rufat Balakishiyev

Sabina Hasanova

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