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Bach in Brazil

OT: Bach in Brazil

Ansgar Ahlers // Germany, Brazil, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Former music teacher Marten Brückling (Edgar Selge) receives the news that he has inherited an original page of manuscript by the son of Johann Sebastian Bach from a childhood friend who emigrated to Brazil. Urged by his former colleague Marianne (Franziska Walser) Brückling flies to Ouro Preto, a colourful baroque town in the Brazilian mountains. Shortly before he sets off on his return journey, his luggage is stolen, containing all his papers and the Bach manuscript. The only person who speaks German is Candido, who works in the young offenders’ centre and who will help him on one condition: Brückling should give the inmates music lessons. At first, the teacher hesitates, but then starts practising Bach with the young criminals. Then his luggage turns up again and Brückling’s old life catches up with him. Bach in Brazil is a whimsical feel-good comedy about second chances and unexpected new beginnings.


ANSGAR AHLERS (*1975) founded the production company forseesense in 1999. His full-length debut Bach in Brazil won both the Bernhard Wicki Prize and the NDR Film Prize for Newcomers at the Emden-Norderney International Film Festival.


Bach in Brazil

Fiction Feature

German, Portuguese

Hamburger Filmschau//FF2015

Germany, Brazil


92 min

OV with German subtitles

Ansgar Ahlers

Ansgar Ahlers, Soeren Menning

Edgar Selge, Franziska Walser, Peter Lohmeyer, Helene Grass, George Lenz, Hans Peter Korff, Aldri da Anunciação, Stephan Nercessian, Thais Garayp, Pablo Vinicius, Dhonata Augusto

Alexander Thies, Clemens Schaeffer, Leonardo M. Barros, Eliana Soárez

Jörg Widmer

Barbara Hennings

Jan Doddema

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