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Alphée of the Stars

OT: Alphée des étoiles

Hugo Latulippe // Canada, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2013
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Alphée sees the world in her own particular way, flitting around like a dragonfly. She is five years old and has a genetic defect that hampers her development. The education authority want to put her in a special learning institution, but Alphée’s parents won’t accept this. They leave the frenetic city of Québec and move to the Swiss Alps for a year. Here, they want to find out what sort of space and togetherness Alphée really needs. The film is a declaration of love from a father to his daughter and a plea both to appreciate the different varieties of pace that life can be lived at and to rethink what we see as normal. Screening on 03.10. and 05.10. in attendance of: Hugo Latulippé (Director)


Hugo Latulippe (*1973) is Alphée's father. He works as a writer, film-maker and producer and in 2005 founded the production association Esperamos which is dedicated to producing artistic documentaries in Québec.



Alphée des étoiles

Documentary Feature





82 min

OV with English subtitles

Hugo Latulippe

Hugo Latulippe

Éric De Gheldere, Hugo Latulippe, Colette Loumède

Hugo Latulippe, Philippe Lavalette

Annie Jean

Alain Auger

National Film Board of Canada

esperamos; National Film Board of Canada

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