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Mostly Minimalistic

OT: Alles in bester Ordnung

Natja Brunckhorst // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



How many possessions does one really need? A finely-tuned comedy about too much and too little starring Corinna Harfouch. In the old days, Marlen (Corinna Harfouch) travelled the world. But that was a long time ago, now she only rarely leaves her flat, which is full of stuff she can’t throw away. Fynn (Daniel Strässer) on the hand wants to limit himself to 100 possessions. »A tidy house, a tidy mind!« he says. »Leave your mind behind!« she replies. This is the humour and the style of combat that they pursue from now on. Marlen and Fynn – the contrast could not be greater. And yet they can’t keep away from each other.



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NATJA BRUNCKHORST (*1966) is an actor (Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) and screenplay author. In 2003 she was one of the founder members of the German Film Academy. Mostly Minimalistic is her debut film as director.


Alles in bester Ordnung

Fiction Feature


Große Freiheit//FF2021



96 min

OV with English subtitles

Natja Brunckhorst

Natja Brunckhorst, Martin Rehbock

Corinna Harfouch, Daniel Sträßer, Joachim Król

Joachim Ortmanns, Lino Rettinger (Line Producer)

Niklas Lindschau

Bernd Hackmann, Klaus Oesterwind, Guido Zettier, Stefan Korte

Ramin Sabeti (BFS), Oli Weiss


Zazie Knepper

Susanne Ritter

Andrea Hanke (WDR), Stefanie Groß (SWR), Barbara Häbe (Arte)

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Lichtblick Film

Lichtblick Film

WDR; SWR; Arte

GreenRoomFilm; Farbkult; RuhrsoundStudios

Marc Klocker, Filmwelt Verleihagentur GmbH: m.klocker@fwem.de


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