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Ady Gasy, The Malagasy Way

OT: Ady Gasy

Lova Nantenaina // France, Madagascar, 2014
Documentary Feature // FF2014
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Documentary: For capitalists, Madagascar is a nightmare: a country in which the concepts of growth and profit have no meaning. The economy of the poverty-stricken island off the African coast is based on other principles: recycling, creativity and solidarity. The film shows how the inhabitants meet the everyday challenges of deprivation and worry with ingenuity, art, neighbourliness and pure joie de vivre. It portrays farmers, artists, street vendors and small businesses that turn tyres into shoes, plastic containers into lamps and cow bones into soap and medicine. Piece by piece, a fascinating jigsaw emerges of a society in which nothing works, but everything functions. Somehow.


Lova Nantenaina (*1977) left Madagascar in 1999 to study sociology and human sciences in France. Later, he attended the École de Cinéma (ESAV) in Toulouse. He has made several prize-winning short films. Ady Gasy is his debut feature.



Ady Gasy

Documentary Feature


Drei Farben Grün//FF2014

France, Madagascar


84 min

OV with English subtitles

Lova Nantenaina

Nantenaina Lova, Eva Lova

Nantenaina Lova, Eva Lova, Marie-Clémence Paes

Nantenaina Lova

Nantenaina Fifaliana, Maminihaina Jean Aimé Rakotonirina, Solofonirina Alfred Randrianarivelo

Laterit Productions

Autantic Films, Endemika Films, Laterit

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