A Costa Dos Murmúrios • FILMFEST HAMBURG

The Murmuring Coast

OT: A Costa Dos Murmúrios

Margarida Cardoso // Portugal, France, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2008



Mozambique in the early 1970s. A beautiful officer’s bride dances on the roof terrace of the ‘Stella Maris Hotel’. In the background the Indian Ocean surges, washing ashore the bodies of men. Evita innocently moves from the safety of Lisbon to the final act of the colonial war. The African paradise becomes a nightmarish maelstrom of sex, violence and dark secrets as the fragile heroine quests for authentic love and a terrible truth. A literary adaptation of the novel by Lídia Jorge.



A Costa Dos Murmúrios

Fiction Feature


Portugal Deluxe//FF2008

Portugal, France


120 min


Margarida Cardoso

Margarida Cardoso, Cedric Basso

Beatriz Batarda, Filipe Duarte, Mónica Calle, Adriano Luz, Luís Sarmento

Alexander Bohr

Lisa Hagstrand

Pedro Margues

Bernardo Sassetti

Filmes do Tejo; Les Filmes d‘Après-midi; ZDF/Arte

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