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24 Frames

OT: 24 Frames

Abbas Kiarostami // Iran, France, 2017
Hybrid // FF2017



HYBRID Every second of a film consists of 24 frames. This is the theme of Abbas Kiarostami’s last film which is made up of famous paintings and photographs taken by Kiarostami himself over the last years of his life. Every picture is a basis for the question: what happened before or after the picture was created? In meditative, four-minute films, the Iranian director breathes life into the stills and for one last time brings to the screen the essence and fascination of cinema. 24 Frames was completed by Kiarostami’s son Ahmad after his death in July 2016.


ABBAS KIAROSTAMI (*1940; †2016) was one of Iran's most significant directors and won numerous awards, including a Palme D'Or at the 1997 Cannes film festival for Ta'm e Guilass [Taste of Cherry].


24 Frames


no dialogue


Iran, France


114 min

Abbas Kiarostami

Abbas Kiarostami

Farhad Farhadi, Salma Mansh, Soheyla Bazigar, Shabnam Taghadomi, Hedyeh Esfahani,

Charles Gillibert, Ahmad Kiarostami

Dariush Gorji Zadeh, Peyman Solhi, Delaram Delashob, Yousef Khoshnaghsh, Reza Golfaam, Bahman Raad, Shahab Ehsani, Ali Mostafavi, July Lavazza and others

Mark Driver

CG Cinéma (Charles Gillibert)

Charles Gillibert CG Cinéma & Ahmas Kiarostami

Hannah Vidal, CG Cinéma: juridique@cgcinema.eu

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