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170 Hz

OT: 170 Hz

Joost van Ginkel // Netherlands, 2011
Fiction Feature // FF2012
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The love between 16 year-old Evy and Nick, three years older, has no voice and no sound: they are both deaf. Evy’s upbringing has been sheltered, she attends secondary school, but feels like an outsider. Nick is a non-conformist, a rebel and a thorn in the side of Evy’s father. As the tension becomes unbearable, the young couple run away, seeking refuge in the wreck of an old submarine. They want to start a family – then Evy discovers that her boyfriend has another reason for needing to disappear.


With his very first short Sand (2008), Joost van Ginkel (*1971) won a total of 13 international awards. His second, Kiss (2009) was also well received. 170 Hz is the Dutchman’s first full-length feature.



170 Hz

Fiction Feature


Agenda 12//FF2012



86 min


Joost van Ginkel

Joost van Ginkel

Gaite Jansen, Michael Muller

Gijs van de Westelaken

Rogier den Boer

Bob Soetekouw

Pascal Plantinga

EYE Film Institute Netherlands

Column Film

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