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OT: Памфір

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk // Ukraine, France, Poland, Germany, Chile, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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A cross between an ethnological study and a gangster film: this impressive debut portrays a father who is prepared to break the law in order to protect his family. West Ukraine, the evening before the start of a traditional carnival. After several months spent working abroad, Pamfir returns to his small home town. But the pleasure at his return fades quickly when his son Nazar accidentally burns down the town’s house of prayer. To pay for the damage, Pamfir has to reopen a long-closed chapter of his life and smuggle goods across the Rumanian border. A risky business, with unforeseeable consequences.


DMYTRO SUKHOLYTKYY-SOBCHUK (*1983) graduated in 2013 from Kyiv's Karpenko-Karyy University for Theatre, Cinema and TV. His graduation film The Beard was included in the catalogue of the Ukrainian New Wave, a collection of Ukraine's best short films.




Fiction Feature



Ukraine, France, Poland, Germany, Chile


106 min

OV with English subtitles

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Oleksandr Yatsentyuk, Stanislav Potyak, Solomiya Kyrylova, Olena Khokhlatkina, Myroslav Makoviychuk, Ivan Sharan

Aleksandra Kostina, Jane Yatsuta

Nikita Kuzmenko

Serhiy Stepanskyy

Nikodem Chabior

Laetitia Pansanel-Garric

Ivan Mykhailov

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