30.09. - 09.10.2021

Quo Vadis, Film Education?

Film education is not only an essential component of media pedagogy, but also of cultural and political education. The interest of schools, educational projects, day-care centers and parents is great. In 2018, well over ten percent of all Hamburg schoolgirls attended the SchulKino-Woche Hamburg, and the children's and youth film festivals MICHEL and Mo & Friese were also pleased to see an annual increase in the number of visitors. A positive signal, but the range of events in Hamburg outside SchulKinoWoche and the film festivals is not versatile and flexible enough. All interested parties are invited to discuss new possibilities for film education. What needs to be improved? What positive examples can be found in other federal states? Which initiatives can enrich the educational and extra-curricular film education opportunities in Hamburg?


A panel of the SchulKinoWoche Hamburg in cooperation with FILMFEST HAMBURG and MICHEL Kinder und Jugend Filmfest

Wed. 02.10. — 16:00
»Quo Vadis, Film Education?«

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