26.9. - 5.10.2019

Dr. Maya Götz: representations of gender in film and television

TV and films shape the structures of our society and public communication. But how do these works of media depict women and men?
Dr Maya Götz’s talk explores the riveting topic of gender stereotypes and the questions they raise regarding their impact. Do children want to see sexualised girl characters at such a young age? Can a TV show for children break free of gender clichés? What can the film industry learn from this?

Dr Maya Götz, whose research focuses on gender-specific media reception, has been the head of the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI) at BR since 2003 and, since 2006, of the Prix Jeunesse International foundation as well.

This event is a cooperation between WIFT Hamburg, Pro Quote Film and FILMFEST HAMBURG and explicitly welcomes all gender and age groups.

Tue. 02.10. — 16:00
Festial tent @Allende-Platz