26.9. - 5.10.2019

Casting without blinkers – embrace more diversity!

Our everyday life is colourful, determined by a wide variety of people from all over the world. Yet there is still an entrenched and stereotypical perspective determining how roles are cast in most films. Diversity – not only in terms of origin – may be increasingly demanded and advocated, but it is only reflected in exceptional cases in the films. What kind of self-censorship or explicitly formulated requirements make us so reluctant about having our everyday life reflected in films? What experiences did screenwriters, producers, directors, sales agents or casting directors have when they were trying to develop and cast roles with an open mind and what differences are there compared to the rest of Europe?

Panellists will include Lars Becker (screenwriter and director, Berlin), Beatrice Kruger (President of the International Casting Directors Network ICDN), Naomi Sesay (On-screen Diversity Executive - Channel 4, London) and Andreas Rothbauer (Sales Agent - Managing Director Picture Tree International, Berlin).

The host of the evening will be Wieland Speck (from 1992 to 2017 head of the Panorama section at Berlin International Film Festival)

An event by EFP European Film Promotion in cooperation with FILMFEST HAMBURG.
Sun. 30.09. — 20:00
Festival tent @Allende-Platz