26.9. - 5.10.2019

Film Sections


Freihafen European Cinema Co-Productions

This section features transnational cooperations. German-European co-productions are in competition for the "Hamburg Producers Award for European Co-productions".

Transatlantic Cinema from the US and Canada

This section features contemporary English language-based North American Cinema.

Große Freiheit New German Cinema

This new section is dedicated to new German film productions.

Hamburger Filmschau Contemporary Hamburg based Cinema

This new section is dedicated to films by Hamburg-based filmmakers. Screenings will take place on two consecutive days at the Metropolis cinema.

Veto! Political Films

This section covers politically motivated film issues which are also awarded at the festival. 

Voilà! Francophone Cinema

This section covers francophone films as well as young and unconventional cinema of a new creative generation of filmmakers from France, Belgium and Québec.

Vitrina Iberian and Latin-American Cinema

Topics of explosive social power, tight production budgets and an erosion of genres shape the image of the Iberian and Latin-American cinema.

Asia Express Asian Film Cultures

This section is a fascinating cinematic trip through unusual and young Asian film cultures. Established expectations of Asian film will be enriched by surprising new aspects.

Eurovisuell European Box Office Hits

This section presents the audience’s favourites from all around the European continent.

Kaleidoscope Films From All Around the World

This section has been offering various insights into contemporary film production from different countries and continents. The main focus: Ideas of man in different cultures and political situations.

Televisions Television on the Big Screen

Television meets cinema. Televisions features first-class German TV-productions as world premieres on the big screen. 

MICHEL Children's and Youth Film Festival

The children's and youth section of FILMFEST HAMBURG presents international fiction films and animations.


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