26.9. - 5.10.2019

The Stroll Russia 2003 | 90 min | OV | | FF 2003

Alexey Uchitel

ALEXEY UCHITEL (*1951) started out at the Leningrad documentary studio before turning to feature films. He became known internationally with Progulka [The Stroll] (2003) and Plennyy [Captive] (2008).

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“I had the idea for ‘The Stroll’ on New Year’s Eve in Prague,” says screenwriter, Dunya Smirnova, “when I suddenly realized how similar 22-yearold Germans, French, Italians and Russians are.” The three characters we see are Russians, out for a walk in St. Petersburg. Olya (Irina Pegova), Alyosha (Pavel Barshak) and Petya (Yevgeny Tsyganov) stroll along beside the River Neva, arguing, joking, flirting, closely accompanied by a digital camera for ninety minutes that the three will never forget. “Wewanted to show the audience the new Russia... here and now,” says director Alexey Uchitel.
Orig. Title: The Stroll
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: Russian
Director: Alexey Uchitel
Screenplay: Dunya Smirnova
Cast: Irina Pegova, Pavel Barshak, Yevgeny Tsyganov, Yevgeny Grishkovets
Producer: Alexey Uchitel
Sprachfassung: OV
Camera: Yuri Klimenko, Pavel Kostomarov
Set Designer: Yevgeny Mitta
Cutter: Yelena Andreyeva
Format: 35 mm
German Distributor:
World Sales: Roskinoprokat, 7, Malyi Gnezdnikovsky Per., 125009 Moscow, Russia, Tel: +7 09 52 29 08 96, Fax: +7 09 52 29 79 72, e-mail:
Production: Film Studio Rock, 12, Krukov Kanal, 190068, St.Petersburg, Russia, Tel: +7 81 21 14 20 56, Fax: +7 09 54 33 67 78, e-mail: