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Any Way the Wind Blows Belgium 2003 | 127 min | OV | | FF 2003

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Former Belgian rock band dEUS front-man Tom Barman’s directorial debut is a film about a group of eight singles. On a hot Friday afternoon in Antwerp, they are all getting ready to go to a party. The most remarkable of them is Windman (Sam Louwyck), who can create a tiny hurricane around him; others are a cinema projectionist and DJ, an ex-girlfriend with child, a laboratory thief (Shooting Star Matthias Schoenaerts), and a frustrated author. “Any Way the Wind Blows” is more feeling than fiction, with lots of visual effects and a powerful soundtrack. A great party, which shot to the top of the box-office charts in Belgium.
Original title: Any Way the Wind Blows
Film type: Fiction Feature
Original language: French
Language and subtitles: OV
Director: Tom Barman
Screenplay: Tom Barman
Cast: Frank Vercruyssen, Diane de Belder, Eric Kloeck, Natali Broods
Producer: Kaat Camerlynck, Alex Stockman
Director of Photography: Renaat Lambeets
Music: Tom Barman
Production Design: Johan van Essche
Editor: Els Voorspoels
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
Format: 35 mm
German Distributor:
World Sales: Films Distribution, 6, rue de l`Ecole de Médecine, 75006 Paris, France, Tel: +33 1 53 10 33 99, Fax: +33 1 53 10 33 98, e-mail:
Production: Corridor, Rue F. Bernier 38, 1060 Brussels, Belgium, Tel: +32 22 19 60 76, Fax : +32 22 19 65 95, e-mail:


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