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Tod im Park Germany 2003 | 89 min | OV | | FF 2003

rated for 0 + years
As a child, police psychologist Hannah Schwarz (Barbara Rudnik), escaped with her mother from East Germany to the West. When her father, Leo, a former police inspector, gets in touch with her after a 30-year interval, she travels back to Schwerin. Hannah arrives there to find him dead, purportedly of a heart attack. Her father’s death stirs up long-forgotten, unpleasant memories. She begins to look into the last investigations he had been carried out before he died. What is his connection with the murder of a young woman? When asecond murder happens, the local police asks her for help...
Original title: Tod im Park
Film type: Fiction Feature
Original language: German
Language and subtitles: OV
Director: Martin Eigler
Screenplay: Sven S. Poser, Martin Eigler
Cast: Barbara Rudnik, Harald Schrott, Meral Perin, Dieter Mann
Producer: Reinhold Elschot, Karin Huber
Director of Photography: Wedigo von Schultzendorff
Music: Wilhelm Stegmeier
Production Design: Christian Wussmann
Editor: Dirk Grau
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
Format: Beta SP
German Distributor: ZDF
World Sales:
Production: Network Movie, Altes Eichamt - Spichernstr. 75-77, 50672 Köln, Germany, Tel: +49 221 94 88 80, Fax: +49 221 94 88 822, e-mail:


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