26.9. - 5.10.2019

Tatort: Väter Germany 2003 | 90 min | OV | | FF 2003

rated for 0 + years
The latest film in a long-running police series. In this episode, set in Kiel, the central character is Inspector Klaus Borowski (Axel Milberg). Having narrowly escaped being suspended for his unorthodox investigation methods, Borowski is called to the scene of a road accident, where a police officer in pursuit of another vehicle has been run over. His investigations lead Borowski and his assistant inspector, Alim Zainalow (Mehdi Moinzadeh), to a man calledBetz (Henning Peker), who makes a confession. Much to the irritation and annoyance of his colleagues, Borowski refuses to believe him...
Orig. Title: Tatort: Väter
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: German
Director: Thomas Freundner
Screenplay: Orkun Ertener
Cast: Axel Milberg, Maren Eggert, Mehdi Moinzadeh, Henning Peker
Producer: Kerstin Ramcke,Martina Mouchot
Sprachfassung: OV
Music: J. J. Gerndt
Camera: Benjamin Dernbecher
Set Designer: Erik Rüffler
Cutter: Karen Klamroth
Format: Beta SP
German Distributor: NDR
World Sales: Studio Hamburg Fernseh Allianz (FA) GmbH, Jenfelder Allee 80, 22039 Hamburg, Germany, Tel: +49 40 66 88 51 27, Fax: +49 40 66 88 51 44, e-mail:
Production: Studio Hamburg Produktion, Jenfelder Allee 80, 22039 Hamburg, Germany, Tel: +49 40 66 88 42 80, Fax: +49 40 66 88 54 28, e-mail: