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Snake Dance Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands 2012 | 77 min | OV | Colour | FF 2012

Manu Riche

Manu Riche (*1964) is a Belgian documentary and feature film maker.

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With the atomic bomb, humanity opened Pandora’s box. The film essay creates a cartography of real and imagined nuclear impacts and establishes astonishing links. The central point of connection is Los Alamos in the USA, where the bomb was conceived and tested. In almost the same place six decades earlier, the Hamburg anthropologist Aby Warburger was studying the culture of the Hopi Indians and their rattlesnake dance – a ritual against fear. The film makes ever more connections: from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, those most cynical of testing areas, to Fukushima, where it was nature that unleashed the nuclear worst case scenario.

Original title: Snake Dance
Film type: Documentary Feature
Original language: English, French
Language and subtitles: OV
Director: Manu Riche, Patrick Marnham
Screenplay: Patrick Marnham, Manu Riche
Producer: Manu Riche, Geneviève De Bauw
Director of Photography: Renaat Lambeets, Ross McDonnell
Production Design:
Editor: Michèle Hubinon
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
Format: dcp
German Distributor:
World Sales: Andana Films
Production: Riche, Riche & Riche


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