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Lilys Geheimnis Germany 2008 | 89 min | OV | Colour | FF 2008

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When their boss dies, the girls agree that Lily (Anna Loos) should take over the bordello. Lily refuses to pay protection money pressed by two corrupt policemen.
Then a childhood friend pops up unexpectedly: Monte (Janek Rieke), brother of her puppy love Konrad (Jan Josef Liefers). Monte is a tax inspector, and can help put the business on a legal basis. But it hurts to think of Konrad, who betrayed her to the East German secret police. A quiet film that leaves much room for its characters
to evolve.
Orig. Title: Lilys Geheimnis
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: German
Section: TV Spielfilme
Director: Andreas Senn
Screenplay: Annette Simon
Cast: Anna Loos, Jan Josef Liefers, Janek Rieke, August Zirner
Producer: Nico Hofmann,Christian Rohde
Sprachfassung: OV
Music: Oli Biehler
Camera: Stefan Unterberger
Set Designer: Sebastian Soukup
Cutter: Melanie Margalith
Redaktion: Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Format: DigiBeta (PAL)
German Distributor: ZDF
World Sales:
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