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Eye of the Sun Egypt, Morocco 2008 | 90 min | OV | Colour | FF 2008

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Cairo, today. Many stories, many people and many aspirations. Eleven-year-old Shams dreams of a visit to the glittering centre of town. Her father Ramadan is
overworked as a taxi-driver and chauffeur of millionaire Selim Bey, whose bankruptcy is immanent. Ramadan’s nephew Omar wants to emigrate to Italy while the doctor Mariam studies the relationship between cancer and uranium radiation. The film was shot without a script, directly on location with lay actors, putting it on the index in Cairo.
Orig. Title: Ein Shams
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: Arabic
Director: Ibrahim El Batout
Screenplay: Tamer El Said, Ibrahim El Batout
Cast: Hanan Youssef, Boutros Boutros-Ghaly, Ramadan Khater, Hanan Adel
Producer: Sherif Mandour
Sprachfassung: OV
Music: Amir Khalaf
Director of Photography: Hesham Farouk
Production Design:
Editor: Ahmad Abdala
Commissioning Editor:
Format: 35 mm
German Distributor:
World Sales: Film House Egypt, 51 A Demashk Street Mohandessine, 11241 Cairo, Egypt, Tel: +20 3370 802, email: sherifmandour(at)
Production: Film House Egypt; Moroccan Cinema Center


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