30.09. - 09.10.2021

Run Uje Run Sweden 2020 | 77 min | OV with German subtitles | Colour | FF 2020

Henrik Schyffert

HENRYK SCHIFFERT (*1968) is a Swedish comedian, actor and musician. "Spring Uje Spring" is his directorial debut.

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[⏵] Suddenly it’s Parkinson's: Uje Brandelius, singer of the Stockholm pop band Doktor Kosmos, plays himself in this moving Swedish comedy. Uje is in his mid-40s and leads a life many would dream of: Stockholm, a wonderful family and a job as presenter of a popular radio programme. When he is diagnosed with Parkinson's, Uje’s world is turned upside down. Unable to trust anyone, he tries to hide the illness from family, friends and colleagues – and feels his way uncertainly into a new normality.

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Original title: Spring Uje spring
Film type: Fiction Feature
Original language: Swedish
Section: Kaleidoscope
Language and subtitles: OV with German subtitles
Director: Henrik Schyffert
Screenplay: Uje Brandelius
Cast: Uje Brandelius, Bixi Brandelius, Vega Brandelius, Therese Hörnqvist, Irma Schultz, Catti Brandelius
Producer: Anna-Klara Carlsten, Tomas Michaelsson
Director of Photography: Frida Wendel
Music: Uje Brandelius, Juno Brandelius
Production Design: Marika Åkerblom
Editor: Adi Omanovic
Costume design: Emelie Henriksson
Commissioning Editor:
Format: dcp
German Distributor:
World Sales: Swedish Film Institute
Production: Filmlance International AB
Contact: Theo Tsappos, Swedish Film Institute:


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