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Die Pfefferkörner - Das Cello und Glücksspiele Germany 2019 | 60 min | OF | Colour | FF 2019

Andrea Katzenberger

ANDREA KATZENBERGER (*1962) is a director and screenplay writer who has been making films and TV series since the 1990s.

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THE CELLO Krissi is taken in by a trickster who’s got his eye on her cello. The Peppercorns find out that it‘s not the only instrument that’s been stolen. The trail leads to a music foundation. Has the dubious assistant got something to do with the case?

Yanis is the new boy in the class and is having difficulty making friends. In the playground, he falls for a questionable gambling game. When in despair he steals money from Nele, both his opponent and the Peppercorns decide to take action.
Orig. Title: Die Pfefferkörner - Das Cello und Glücksspiele
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: German
Section: MICHEL
Director: Andrea Katzenberger
Screenplay: Andrea Katzenberger, Anja Jabs
Cast: Ronja Levis, Moritz Pauli, Marlene von Appen, Samuel Adams, Spencer König
Producer: Holger Ellermann
Sprachfassung: OF
Music: Mario Schneider
Director of Photography: Sabine Berchter
Production Design: Nils Tünnermann
Editor: Johanna Dahl
Commissioning Editor: Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal
German Distributor: Studio Hamburg Enterprises
World Sales:
Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH
Contact: Katrin Hartmann, Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH:


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