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Yuli Spain, Cuba, United Kingdom, Germany 2018 | 110 min | OV with German subtitles | Colour | FF 2018

Icíar Bollaín

ICÍAR BOLLAÍN (*1967) is a Spanish director, screenplay writer and actor. Her most recent film in German cinemas was the tragicomedy El Olivo [The Olive Tree] (2016).

rated for 0 + years
Featuring spectacular dance sequences, this is an inspiring biopic on ballet star Carlos Acosta, who danced his way from a poor quarter of Havana onto the world stage. Carlos is an unruly child. Everything he knows he has learned from the streets of Havana. But his father recognizes a particular talent: he can dance like no other. Against the boy's will, his father sends him to state ballet school and gives him the nickname of Yuli – the son of Ogun, the West African god of war. Yuli (Carlos Acosta) soon becomes the best dancer of his generation, enjoying international success, and is the first black Romeo at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. But despite all the fame, he never forgets his roots.
Original title: Yuli
Film type: Fiction Feature
Original language: Spanish
Language and subtitles: OV with German subtitles
Director: Icíar Bollaín
Screenplay: Paul Laverty
Cast: Carlos Enrique Almirante, Cesar Domínguez, Laura De la Uz, Andrea Doimeadiós, Carlos Acosta, Santiago Alfonso, Yerlín Pérez
Producer: Andrea Calderwood, Juan Gordon
Director of Photography: Alex Catalán
Music: Alberto Iglesias
Production Design: Laia Colet
Editor: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
Format: dcp
German Distributor: Piffl Medien GmbH
World Sales:
Production: Eurimages; Galápagos Media; Hijo de Ogún; Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC); Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA); Match Factory Productions; Morena Films; Movistar+; Potboiler Productions; Producciones de la 5ta Avenida
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