24.9. - 3.10.2020

Split Canada 2016 | 80 min | OV with English subtitles | Colour | FF 2016

Lawrence Côté-Collins

Lawrence Côté-Collins is a filmmaker who shoots videos under any and all conditions. After making nearly 40 shorts, including several festival award-winners, at the age of 33 she made her first feature, Écartée, produced by Coop Vidéo. Lawrence is an expert at spontaneous creation, achieving balance between writing, improvisation and free expression.

rated for 0 + years
Social worker Anick Tremblay makes a film for training purposes about an ex-con Scott, intended to show how the man in his early 50s deals with his newly found freedom. Scott and his wife Jessie have moved into a little house in Northern Quebec, where they have created a modest yet bizarre white trash dream of 3D puzzles and dolphin figurines. Tremblay moves in with the couple and films and interviews them. It soon becomes clear that Scott isn't really into the idea of having a film made about him. The personal questions get on his nerves, as well as the presence of an outsider in his home. Jessie reacts very differently. She enjoys the attention and for the first time in her life feels noticed as a human being. The two women develop a close relationship, for Scott too close. Full of bizarre comic moments, the film documents a social project threatening to get out of control.
Orig. Title: Écartée
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: French
Section: Voilà!
Director: Lawrence Côté-Collins
Screenplay: Lawrence Côté-Collins
Cast: Whitney Lafleur, Marjolaine Beauchamp, Ronald Cyr
Producer: Virginie Dubois,Lawrence Côté-Collins
Sprachfassung: OV with English subtitles
Music: Yannick Duguay, Éric Shaw, Louis-Philippe Gingras, Dany Placard
Director of Photography: Lawrence Côté-Collins
Production Design: Sylvie Desmarais
Editor: Jules Saulnier
Commissioning Editor:
Format: dcp
German Distributor:
World Sales: Coop Vidéo
Production: Coop Vidéo
Contact: Virginie Dubois, Coop Vidéo:


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