26.9. - 5.10.2019

The Woman Who Left Philippines 2016 | 228 min | OV with English subtitles | Colour | FF 2016

Lav Diaz

Lav Diaz (*1958) is one of the Philippines' best-known film directors. His workis known for very long running times and has won prizes like the Silver Bear for A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery inBerlin and the Golden Leopard in Locarno for From What Is Before (Filmfest Hamburg 2014).

rated for 0 + years
It's 1997 and Horacia has been in jail for murder for the last 30 years. Then new evidence turns up that proves her innocence -- and the guilt of her rich lover from her youth. Horacia is a free woman, but the decades behind bars have robbed her of everything. What remains is cold fury at the man who put her there. He is now even better off than before, but for fear of kidnapping barricades himself in his huge house. In the shadow of these walls, Horacia comes to know other creatures of the night: a transsexual prostitute, a homeless man plagued by demons and a hunch-backed seller of eggs. While they all become friends, Horacia waits patiently for an opportunity for revenge. Lav Diaz has created a visually stunning, archaic and deeply human drama about guilt and solidarity, absolution and revenge. 
Orig. Title: Ang Babaeng Humayo
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: Philippine
Section: Asia Express
Director: Lav Diaz
Screenplay: Lav Diaz
Cast: Charo Santos-Concio, John Lloyd Cruz, Michael De Mesa, Nonie Buencamino
Producer: Ronald Arguelles,Lav Diaz
Sprachfassung: OV with English subtitles
Camera: Lav Diaz
Set Designer: Lav Diaz
Cutter: Lav Diaz
Format: dcp
German Distributor:
World Sales: Films Boutique
Production: Sine Olivia Pilipinas; Cinema One Originals
contact: Giorgia Hülsse, Films Boutique:


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