24.9. - 3.10.2020

A Syrian Love Story United Kingdom 2015 | 76 min | OV with German subtitles | Colour | FF 2015

Sean McAllister

rated for 0 + years
Amer and Ragda met in a Syrian prison where they had been sent as opponents of the Assad regime. 20 years and three children later, the British filmmaker Sean McAllister enters their lives. Ragda is back in jail and everyone is ecstatic when she is unexpectedly released. The family needs Ragda, above all her three-year old son Bob. But things don‘t calm down. McAllister is arrested and his film material confiscated – with dramatic consequences.
Orig. Title: A Syrian Love Story
Filmtype: Documentary Feature
Original language: Arabic, English
Section: Veto!
Director: Sean McAllister
Producer: Elhum Shakerifar,Sean McAllister
Sprachfassung: OV with German subtitles
Music: Terence Dunn, Le Trio Joubran
Director of Photography: Sean McAllister
Production Design:
Editor: Matt Scholes, Johnny Burke
Commissioning Editor:
Format: dcp
German Distributor:
World Sales: 10Ft Films
Production: 10Ft Films
Contact: Elhum Shakerifar, 10Ft Films Ltd:


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