30.09. - 09.10.2021

Reihe für Minis Germany, Russia, Sweden 2013 | 70 min | OV | Colour | FF 2014

Konstantin Brilliantov

Johan Hagelbäck

Ralf Kukula

Kiana Naghshineh

Julia Ocker

rated for 4 + years
For children, going to the cinema is a treat full of fun and entertainment, but also a journey into unknown worlds. When the red curtain rises and the lights dim, the tension and excitement mount. We've put together a colourful, playful programme, Reihe für Minis, to offer the youngest children an unforgettable first experience at the cinema, accompanied by appropriate presentation.
Total length approx. 70 min.

Zebra. What's up with Zebra's stripes? Suddenly they're all mixed up. What can he do to sort them out again? (Deutschland 2013, 3 Min., Regie: Julia Ocker)

Fred & Anabel have spent a wonderful summer together. Then comes autumn and Anabel has to head South. But even the longest winter at some point comes to an end. (Deutschland 2014, 8 Min., Regie: Ralf Kukula)

Nana, Nani, Nao. The peace and quiet of the aquarium are disturbed by something strange and the little fish is suddenly in great danger. (Russland 2014, 5 Min., Regie: Konstantin Brilliantov)

Kalle Kran. [Kalle Crane] High above the houses sits Kalle happily in his crane. From here, he can see everything that goes on beneath him. (Schweden 2014, 6 Min., Regie: Johan Hagelbäck)

Flecks und Klecks machen Ohrstand. [*Spot and Splotch do Earstanding**] Flecks and Klecks go to the circus and are so impressed by all the tricks and stunts that they can't wait to imitate them. (Schweden 2013, 8 Min., Regie: Lotta & Uzi Geffenblad)

Brüder. [Holding Brother's Hand or How the Jelly Explodes] You can do lots of things with a brother: have a spaghetti-eating contest or sit in the bath and argue. But do you stick together when someone else gets on your nerves?
(Deutschland 2013, 5 Min., Regie: Kiana Naghshineh)

Original title: Reihe für Minis
Film type: Short
Original language:
Section: Michel, Michel
Language and subtitles: OV
Director: Konstantin Brilliantov, Lotta & Uzi Geffenblad, Johan Hagelbäck, Ralf Kukula, Kiana Naghshineh, Julia Ocker
Director of Photography:
Production Design:
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
German Distributor:
World Sales:


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