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Félix and Meira Canada 2014 | 105 min | OV with English subtitles | Colour | FF 2014

Maxime Giroux

Maxime Giroux (*1976) made several award-winning shorts, video clips and commercials, before his debut feature Demain [Sophie]. The follow-up Jo pour Jonathan [Jo for Jonathan] was premiered in 2010 at Locarno. Félix & Meira is the Franco-Canadian's third film.

rated for 0 + years
Félix is an oddball Québecois with no money mourning the recent death of his father. Meira is an ultra-orthodox Jewess with a husband and child, who is having a hard time dealing with the strict rules of her religious community. Félix and Meira should never really have been fated to meet in Montréal. But they do and fall in love and begin a secret tryst in which Meira discovers hitherto unknown freedoms and is then at some point faced with the question: Is Félix worth giving up her family and community for? Félix & Meira is a tender drama about the collision of two parallel worlds and a love which like that of Romeo & Juliet cannot be.
Original title: Felix et Meira
Film type: Fiction Feature
Original language:
Section: Voilà!
Language and subtitles: OV with English subtitles
Director: Maxime Giroux
Screenplay: Maxime Giroux, Alexandre Laferrière
Cast: Hadas Yaron, Martin Dubreuil, Luzer Twersky, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé
Producer: Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant
Director of Photography: Sara Mishara
Music: Olivier Alary
Production Design: Louisa Schabas
Editor: Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
Format: dcp
German Distributor:
World Sales: Urban Distribution International
Production: Metafilms inc.
Contact: Arnaud Bélangeon-Bouaziz, UDI - Urban Distribution International:


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