26.9. - 5.10.2019

Underdogs Germany 2007 | 96 min | OV | Colour | FF 2007

rated for 0 + years
Brutal prison inmate Mosk enters a rehabilitation programme, training guide dogs for the blind. Mosk develops a close attachment to the dog and also opens up to prison director Gloria. But when he is required to give over the dog, it comes to a deed of desperation. The film is based on experiences made by the director while doing research for a TV report in the USA.
Orig. Title: Underdogs
Filmtype: Fiction Feature
Original language: German
Director: Jan Hinrik Drevs
Screenplay: Jan Hinrik Drevs
Cast: Thomas Sarbacher, Clelia Sarto
Producer: Ralph Schwingel,Stefan Schubert
Sprachfassung: OV
Music: Frank Wulff, Stefan Wulff
Camera: Peter Przybylski
Set Designer: Anke Vorwick
Cutter: Nikolai Hartmann
Format: 35 mm
German Distributor:
World Sales:
Production: Wüste Filmproduktion GmbH, Schulterblatt 58, 20357 Hamburg, Germany, Tel: +49 40 431 70 60, Fax: +49 40 430 00 12, email:,