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Jellyfish Israel, France 2007 | 78 min | OV | Colour | FF 2007

rated for 0 + years
Three young women in Tel Aviv: Keren breaks her leg at her wedding reception, spoiling her plans for a honeymoon in the Caribbean; Bayta is haunted by a spooky girl on the beach until it makes her change her life; and Joy is a servant from the Philippines who inadvertedly reconciles her employer and her daughter. Do we live life, or does life live itself? Jellyfish won the Caméra d'Or for Best Newcomer in Cannes.
Original title: Meduzot
Film type: Fiction Feature
Original language: Hebrew
Language and subtitles: OV
Director: Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret
Screenplay: Shira Geffen
Cast: Sarah Adler, Nikol Leidman, Gera Sandler
Producer: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait
Director of Photography: Antoine Héberlé
Music: Christopher Bowen
Production Design: Avi Fahima
Editor: Sasha Franklin, François Gédigier
Sound: 0
Costume design:
Commissioning Editor:
Format: 35 mm
German Distributor: Arsenal Filmverleih GmbH
World Sales: Pyramide International, 5, rue du Chevalier de Saint George, 75008 Paris, France, Tel: +33 1 42 96 02 20, Fax: +33 1 40 20 05 51, email:,
Production: Lama Films; Les Films du Poisson


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