30.09. - 09.10.2021

Our Team Recommends #12

03.10.2019 at 21:30 o'clock at Metropolis: BABYTEETH

Maike Mewes from the material department of FILMFEST HAMBURG:

A film with charm, character and obstinacy, in which you laugh tears more often than you cry them. A humorous, unsentimental and yet deeply touching portrait of an imperfect family that has to face the coming catastrophe.
Milla is terminally ill. But full of joie de vivre she breaks the middle-class idyll of her painfully tasteful home and confronts it with her own prejudices.
Fantastic acting performances by the central quartet: Milla, gifted and protected, who discovers the power of her own will for freedom and the euphoria of first love. Moses, the face tattooed parental fright, who gambles as fast as he wins trust. Henry and Anna, whose neuroticism and excessive demands break out again and again, and whose love for each other is only surpassed by their love for their daughter.
A film about life, love and letting go, about being young and never getting old - funny and painfully beautiful to cry about.


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