30.09. - 09.10.2021

Our Team Recommends #3

28.09.2019 19:00 o'clock at Abaton: 143 Sahara Street

Jendrik Walendy from the press department of FILMFEST HAMBURG:

The desert of the Sahara, winds whirl sand through the air, in the distance the landscape blurs into nothingness. In it a house, hardly more than a hut. Malika lives here and runs a snack bar for the people passing through: Truck drivers, acquaintances, tourists on motorcycle tour. For a few moments, they enter Malika's world and share their stories.

This creates a picture of the region and its people, their past and present - without the film ever leaving the scene. If it is not conversations that are shown, then the view goes out onto the street and the film waits as patiently as its protagonist for the people and events that pass by. And so we also slow down as spectators, learn a new patience in the hectic pace of a festival, lose ourselves in the furrows of the faces we see in front of us and learn with Malika that patience and permanence can also be an expression of resistance.

143 Sahara Street is a small, unagitated film, which for this reason justifiably won the Newcomer Award at the Locarno Film Festival.


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