30.09. - 09.10.2021

»Eurovisuell« films

The crises in Europe are also becoming apparent in the box-office hits. In addition to two quirky comedies, this year's audience successes on the continent are determined above all by serious sounds. Masculinity has fallen into crisis and the films show how differently this can be expressed in Finland, Hungary, Italy and Spain, while films from Norway, Denmark and Portugal tell love stories in modern and historical melodramas.

Festival director Albert Widerspiel: »The section »Eurovisuell« has been particularly popular with the Filmfest audience since its inception. The curiosity about the tastes of Europe's neighbours is growing year by year. And it's nice that the films in the section are always so different - one could believe that comedies dominate everywhere; »Eurovisuell« proves again this year that this is not the case.«

The Hamburg audience decides which successful European film will receive an award at FILMFEST HAMBURG. The Commerzbank Audience Award is endowed with EUR 5,000 and has been donated by the bank founded in Hamburg since 2015. The director receives the prize money.

»Year after year, the Filmfest is a cultural highlight in our city. And we at Commerzbank are particularly closely linked to Hamburg, not least as a founding location. That is why it is important to us that as part of society, we are also committed to cultural issues,« says Frank Haberzettel, Board Member of Commerzbank AG.


The films of »Eurovisuell«:

Hungary, France 2018
Gábor Reisz

The cheerful-melancholic kaleidoscope of a crisis, in which four levels of time communicate with each other in a virtuosic and astonishing way.
The soul of Tamás is broken into pieces. His girlfriend Anna has left him. The 33-year-old returns to Budapest and moves back in with his parents. Full of self-pity, he is struggling about himself, his life and love. Whether meeting old girlfriends or brainstorming for an advertising campaign that earns him his money, Tomás' thoughts slide back into the time when he was 7, 14 and 17 years old. And slowly he begins to understand where his confusion comes from.

Denmark, Sweden 2019
May el-Toukhy

Trine Dyrholm shines as a cool seductress in this provocative melodrama, which won many prizes in Denmark and was also a huge success in the cinema.
Anne (Trine Dyrholm) seems to have it all: A loving man, two charming daughters, a job as a lawyer and an idyllically situated house. Quite unexpectedly, her stepson Gustav, a rebellious teenager, moves in with the family for a while. While her husband has trouble connecting to his son from his first marriage, Anne quickly connects with Gustav. And more than that. She begins a passionate affair with the 17-year-old - putting her career and her family at risk.

Spain 2019
Carlos Therón

Welcome economic crisis! Three young Spaniards have a business idea and make everything even worse - in a comedy for which the term "crazy" is still too little.
The three academics Pedro, Arturo and Eligio have lost their university jobs. Frustrated and broke, they recall a project Pedro has been working on for years: Wonder pills with which you can go through the whole night without any side effects. The ex-professors jump into club life to sell their legendary drug. But the market is very dangerous and bizarre. And Pedro, Arturo and Eligio are the stupidest dealers in the world.

Finland 2018
Teppo Airaksinen

The Gundermann of Finland! The melancholic and at the same time furiously funny biopic tells the story of the rise and fall of Juice Leskinen, an icon of Finnish pop music.
Between legend and loser - what Juice Leskinen tackled was always extreme. The singer and writer, who died in 2006 in his mid-fifties, created modern classics that every Finn can still sing and speak along until today. Behind the stage, however, he was an antihero, a chain smoking extroverted guy who became more and more addicted to alcohol. Leskinen's most important motivation in his life was love, art came only after that. It is the story of a deeply sensitive man who hurt many, including himself.

Norway 2019
Martin Lund

The box office hit from Norway tells the refreshing coming-of-age story of two young people who, despite their differences, find each other.
Frida is different - not because she has to, but because she wants to. The 15-year-old has no desire to be part of the »Generation Perfect«, in contrast to Marius. The sonny boy of the class always wants to be the best in everything he does. When the two are paired up to form a learning tandem, Marius sees in it another opportunity to show what a great guy he is. But Frida has no intention of being helped or »repaired« by the class favorite. Soon, however, learning together leads them into a turbulent love.

Portugal, France, Brazil 2018
António Ferreira

A love drama in three acts: The film skilfully sends a couple on a fascinating journey through three different epochs and scenes.
A psychiatric ward in Portugal. Pedro, one of the patients, tells three stories. The first is about Dom Pedro in the 14th century. He is a candidate for the Portuguese throne and falls in love with Inês, his maid, who is later murdered. When he was king, he had her body excavated and subsequently crowned queen. A leap into the present: Pedro and Inês work in an architectural office - and become lovers in a dystopian future in which people flee the cities to the countryside.

Italy 2019
Alessandro Genovesi

Daddy on the verge of a nervous breakdown: a successful pasta manager suddenly has to take care of the family and the house on his own. An Italian Commedia al dente!
Carlo and Giulia have three children together. While Carlo lives completely for his job, Giulia has given up her job to devote herself entirely to her family. But that's over for ten days! The stressed full-time mother flies to the Caribbean with her sister. Carlo has to take over - and is completely overwhelmed by his double role as houseman and high performer. Ten chaotic days full of small and big dramas begin, but they also offer Carlo and the children a chance to get to know each other.


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