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Molodist Kiev International Film Festival as guest of FILMFEST HAMBURG


26. July 2022


The Molodist Kiev International Film Festival will present its national competition with Ukrainian short and feature-length films at FILMFEST HAMBURG. Festival organisers and Ukrainian directors will come to the Hanseatic city to present their films personally. 


Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media: ‘Russia’s attack on Ukraine is also an attack on free art and culture. Through the cooperation with the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, FILMFEST HAMBURG offers Ukrainian artists a stage and makes the diversity and quality of Ukrainian culture tangible. This is a strong sign for the freedom of art and cultural interaction in Europe.’


‘It is more than self-evident for us to welcome our Ukrainian friends to Hamburg and to support them in hosting a part of their festival here. It is about living solidarity and making Ukrainian film culture visible. We are looking forward to new Ukrainian films and to a lively exchange with our audience and the industry,’ says festival director Albert Wiederspiel. 

Due to the current situation, the festival organisers are splitting the Molodist Kiev Film Festival and will host the national competition and its own jury at FILMFEST HAMBURG from 30 to 5 October. The international part of the festival including the competition is expected to take place in Kiev from 14 October. 


The Molodist Kiev International Film Festival was founded in 1970 as a student festival and still sees itself as a festival for young cinema. The aim of the team under the direction of Andriy Khalpakhchi is to identify important trends in the development of young cinema and to help up-and-coming filmmakers find their way on the world map of cinema. With a recognised specialised international competition for emerging films, the festival has welcomed renowned directors in recent years, including Tom Tykwer, Francois Ozon, Bruno Dumont, Danny Boyle, Lucas Mudisson, Ildiko Enyedi and Jacques Audiard. 


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Due to the current and constantly changing political situation in Ukraine, the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival in Hamburg will take place under reserve. 


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