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»Experience Bearer«




For the fourth time, Filmfest Hamburg is accompanying the »Experience Bearers« project of the Karin and Walter Blüchert Memorial Foundation with a film focus and is also showing the potential of experience bearers on the big screen.


Filmfest Hamburg is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with the Karin and Walter Blüchert Memorial Foundation. With its project »Experience Bearers«, the foundation fights against loneliness in old age. Within this framework, Filmfest Hamburg also focuses on older people in film.


For example, Serge and Beate Klarsfeld. The life of the couple, who became known as Nazi hunters in the 1960s, was filmed in a documentary. Klarsfeld: A Love Story works with a mosaic of archive material and contemporary testimonies. In the middle of it all, of course, are the Klarsfelds, who bring their memories back to life.


In the total of seven films supported by the Karin and Walter Blüchert Memorial Foundation, older people appear in the most diverse roles, are pillars in the wild plot confusion, bad-tempered protagonists on a great journey, or influence a small piece of world history through their deeds. The filmic experience carriers thus emphasise the individuality and diversity of older people, who are often lumped together by clichéd prejudices.


Above all, however, the spotlight is shone on precisely what the Karin and Walter Blüchert Memorial Foundation would like to honour with its project: the life achievements of the bearers of experience.


The films that run under the project »Experience Bearers« are:


Klarsfeld: A Love Story

03.10/ 17:45 Metropolis     

04.10./ 19:30 HapagLloyd


Golden Years

05.10./ 18:30 CinemaxX


Armageddon Time

07.10./ 18:30 CinemaxX 1


Casa Susanna

04.10./ 18:45 Metropolis



05.10./ 18:15 Passage        

06.10./ 20:00 Koralle        

07.10./ Alabama


My Neighbor Adolf

01.10./ 19:45 Passage        

02.10./ 20:00 Hansa


The Grump: In Search of an Escort 

01.10./ 17:00 Passage         

01.10./ 20:00 Magazin

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